A variety of dishes and elaborate food samples will entertain you in Asakusa.

Umaimon Azuma started its history as a cafe and snack bar in 1952 in the Asakusa area. Asakusa is one of Tokyo and Japan's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to the famous Sensoji Buddhist temple. About ten years later, the shop expanded its business into traditional Japanese confectionery and western confectionery while renovating the shop's second floor. Currently, Azuma has become a restaurant serving a variety of both Japanese and western-style dishes. Thanks to the plenty of food samples true to life displayed in the store window, customers can easily imagine and choose the menus. The restaurant's three main specialties are 1.Katsudon; tender pork loin meat cutlet served on the top of a bowl of rice with simmered eggs, 2. Chirashi; sushi rice in a bowl with various ingredients, including fresh seafood sprinkled on top(seafood are directly sent from Tsukiji Fish Market every morning), and 3.Gomoku Vesitable Soba; soba noodle with seafood and vegetables that has been loved by locals.

Just looking at the elaborate food samples is actually fun to enjoy one of the Japanese unique food cultures!