Shibamata is located in Katsushika, Tokyo. About 30 minutes from the Asakusa area, one of the most famous tourist spots.

This area is known as the temple town of Shibamata Taishakuten, formally called "Daikyoji" from the Nichiren school of Buddhist temple and as the stage of the long-lasted Japanese movie series "It's Tough Being a Man." Exploring here will be a great break away from the busy central Tokyo. The first approach to the temple is lined with unique stores and restaurants whose exteriors retain the atmosphere of the good old days. One of the specialties is Skewered Mugwort Dumplings. 

Taishakuten Temple was founded in 1629, which could avoid being destroyed in WW2. The outer wall of the main building, called Taishakudo, is covered with the delicate, beautiful wooden carvings which were created by the same artists who contributed to build the famous Nikko Toshogu in Tochigi prefecture. Glasses cover Taishakudo, and with the splendid Japanese garden in Suikeien, the exhibition is located in a paid area(400 JPY per adult), which is still worth visiting.

Within walking distance, there is a must-see spot called "Yamamoto-tei," a former residence of the founder of the camera manufacturer, who moved to this area after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. This residence has a mixed taste of Japanese and western. The highlight is the small but beautiful Japanese garden, which has some depth thanks to the waterfall at its bottom. Its admission is 100 JPY per adult, and you can enjoy traditional Japanese confectioneries and green teas while looking at the gardens. (Around 600 JPY per dish.)

Please check the video to feel the atmosphere of this area.